Pest Control at Your Wedding

Pest Control

Facts About Pests

According to a study done by American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, over 2 million United States citizens are allergic to various stinging insects. The study showed that over half a million people are admitted to various hospital emergency rooms while 40 to 150 die every year due to insect stings. In a recent United States consumer Survey, around 93% of people expressed their concern over having insects in their houses. US Army Community Service survey cited that insects and bugs are ranked 3rd in causing public fear when doing public speaking.

What should this statistic and survey tell you? There is need to do pest control to save human lives, reduce the number of casualties and avoid allergy related to the pests. A study of inner city children in Atlanta who were having running nose shown that 44% of them were having allergies caused by the cockroaches and actually, in US and Australia, cockroaches are ranked third in causing asthma among children. Cockroaches’ eradication is important in health care, homes and other places where food is prepared. They usually contaminate and spread filthiness while walking over the food.

If there is no pest control and management practices, these pests destroy over 50% of food crops. Rodents are a major destroyer and they contaminate around 20% of the total world’s food. Besides, they carry ticks and fleas that usually carry diseases. Even worse, they have caused fires by chewing electricity wires. Rats usually bite tens of thousands of people every year.

Pest Control for Your Residential and Commercial Places

Most companies in Sydney that does pest management usually work closely with food industries right from food processing to restaurants and food store houses. Also, they work in close range with businesses like in commercial offices, hotels, schools, industrial sites etc.

In your home, there are various pests that pest control companies help you eliminate. Some of these pests include fleas, scorpions, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, flies, rats, mice, birds, snails, wasps, termites, and anything else that is disturbing you. In addition, these experts carry out pest inspection in your building and property. A research has shown that termites can devalue your home by over 25%.

In Sydney, there has been an increased number of hotels and the bed bugs are a real problem in this city.  The worst thing is that you carry it while moving to the next place if you had lived in an infested zone. In this city also, there is a nuisance of fire ants in homes and businesses. It is a major agricultural and urban pest that is aggressive, destroying crops, notorious for very painful bites, and invading your area.

Wasps, especially European wasps, are also common in Sydney and their sting is very dangerous. All these pests can be controlled by visiting or contacting professionals in Sydney. Information supplied by: Pest Control Sydney – Exterminators | Concerned Pest Control Sydney.

Why Trust Pest Control Service Providers in Sydney

In Sydney, there are experts that will help you become more comfortable by eliminating completely the pests. Irrespective of how severe the infestation is, these professionals will help you get rid of it as fast as possible. You should trust these providers because:

  • Most of them provide very reliable and quick services
  • There is 100% guarantee of being satisfied with their services
  • They have adopted the latest pest inspection equipment
  • They give you personalized and customized services
  • Many of them offer cost effective services
  • They don’t have any hidden charges.