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Tips for Choosing the Right Protective Clothing


In order to avoid injury in the workplace, it is important that workers are equipped with work safety gear. All individuals who work in industries like mining, field work, constructions sites and production factories in Brisbane are required to wear work safety gear.

Ensuring that all workers are wearing the safety gear is only half the battle won, the other half requires you to know whether the gear they have been provided offers them complete protection or not. Make sure you read the following guide before purchasing work safety gear for your employees.

Buy products which are guaranteed and certified

One of the most important decisions you would make while purchasing work safety gear is that it should be from a certified manufacturer. The manufacturer must produce gear which is approved according to government safety standards in Brisbane. This is not only essential but necessary for your own peace of mind. The fact that you have done the best for your employees is pretty reassuring. It provides a better work environment and thus increases productivity.

When buying second hand work safety gear, make sure you are extra vigilant

If yours is a new establishment it may be difficult to buy brand new work gear for your workers. In that case purchasing second and gear is a better idea.  Tough this mind sound like a budget friendly decision, it does come with its own set of risks. You could very well be putting the safety of your employees in jeopardy. Always make sure, that you are buying stuff which is in good condition. Old helmets, loves and goggles may already be too worn out to offer the right kind of protection. Make sure it is usually the last resort and one you only revert to after careful selection and deliberation.

Pay close attention to specifications

Purchasing safety gear requires a great deal of patience and attention. Instead of just going out and buying all the work gear in bulk, it is important to keep the following specifications in mind.

  • The size of the gear
  • The fabric and material
  • Also make sure your workers try on the gear before hand

Keep in mind the lifespan of the work safety gear

Work safety gear comes with a specific lifespan. Due to constant wear and tear it’s natural that the safety gear might lose its protective qualities over a period of time. It is necessary to conduct an evaluation once in a while to ensure that all workers stay completely protected and safe at all times.

Take expert advice

If you are purchasing work safety gear in Brisbane for the first time, it would be helpful to take advice from the experts. Plus doing a great deal of research is necessary as well. You should know about the specifications of the job your employees are required to do and convey those to an expert. They would be able to help you select the right safety gear.

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