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If you currently own or plan to build a chiropractic website, you should know that the design of your website is critical to its success. Part of the process of designing your website is knowing how your clients think, act, and perform in their everyday life. What do your clients want to know about you? Do they want to know about the services you offer? Yes! They want to know about your services and how to prevent common injuries.

Your clients also want your page to be responsive. They want to access all of the information you have to offer, and they want this to be available on any device that they have.

Setting Up Your Website

The first thing you want to do is decide whether your website is going to focus on educating your current patients or drawing in new patients. Do you want to provide an all-encompassing website that focuses on providing information to both sets of clientele? It is possible.

You will also want to make sure that your website is professional. Too many websites have an “in your face” appearance that causes clients to click off of the page. The information provided should be presented in a professional manner. Your clients are intelligent and you should treat them as such. Information should be written in a way that your readers understand, but do not talk down to them.

A well-designed responsive website will most likely cost around $500. It’s a small price considering how many clients can be drawn to your business, just from your website being properly designed and attractive to visitors.

  • Your Home Page

Unfortunately, the majority of chiropractic websites have home pages that are loaded with so much information that customers could never make their way through it all. When you view a website, what part of the home page do you read? Do you read all of the content on the front page? Do you scan through the information? What stands out the most? Are you more likely to get your information from the home page of the website or are you more likely to locate the blog page, where information is broken up into smaller pieces?

When you are looking at your home page, think of it as a new patient would. Whatever you read and view within the first five seconds of looking at the home page is what they will read, if you have not captured their attention by this point, they will leave the page without finding out anything about your services.

  • Your Website Content

The content of your website needs to be strong. When search engines analyze your website, their analytic crawlers evaluate a number of things in your content. They also weigh your content against the content of your competitors.

Your content should be as specific as possible. If you want to rank high in search engines, you will need to ensure that each piece of content is as specific to the keywords as possible. The majority of chiropractic websites that are based on services contain only a small amount of content, not really enough for search engines to fully analyze what the website is about. Articles that are 500 or more words long are favorable to a few paragraphs on a page.  Looking for the best chiropractic websites ensure you search locally.