Importance of the About Us Page


What is it?

Immediately after creating a website, the first thing you must think of is marketing it to gain customers. And this can only be achieved through a page called About Us page. Without you can be assured that your website is not going to get the market that you would wish for. Therefore, this page is an essential thing for anyone who owns a website. It is one of the commonly visited pages by those who wish to know more about your company’s identity and uniqueness. Thus, despite being a requirement to have this page, you make it be eye-catching to attract the attention of the regular visitors.

Creating the best About Us page will make your company famous and gain more clients. There are essential elements that you must include in the About Us page to make it good and eye-catching. Ensure your Brisbane SEO Company implements this correctly.

Essential Features of About Us Page

  1. It describes who you are and what you offer

A good About Us page must give a brief description of your company and what you offer. This is the most element that you cannot avoid. Explain your passion in a way that leaves the reader in a convincing manner in order to attract their attention of knowing more about your services.

  1. State real people who are behind your website

This is an important element should work to ensure that it reflects in your About Us page. Explain about the trust and honesty of people behind the site will create confidence among the customers visiting the site. Therefore, it is essential to explain the real expertise in your company.

  1. Ensure the page has fun

Avoid creating a page that is boring, clenching and stiff. Create fun on it while looking to attract the attention of more people. The fun voice can be created by observing some ideas like;

  • Assessing yourself whom the company would have been if it was a real person.
  • The intentions of the organizations to its market.
  • Favorite people and quotes for your company.
  • Memorable moments that your company has.
  • Make writing style to be consistent.
  • Highlight things that your company is always active in.
  1. Avoid issues associated with the size of the company

You should always avoid explaining the size of your company on the page as it is considered unnecessary due to the fact that;

  • Majority of people prefer new companies.
  • Majority of people feel comfortable to work with smaller companies.
  • New companies are said to be so flexible and poised.
  • New companies engage deeply in innovation as a company to bigger companies.
  • Smaller companies satisfy their customers’ needs fast as their main aim is to cover the gap left out by bigger companies.
  • Smaller companies are also said to be more intimate as compared to bigger ones.
  1. Contact details

This is an essential feature that must not miss on the About Us page. It will allow customers who are pleased with your company services to contact you for more details. You can include your email addresses or phone number where you be easily accessed.

  1. Visuals

This plays an essential role in attracting the attention of the people. They can either be historic images, photographs of the company, office images, clients’ images and other images expressing your services. Tumbler is another important visual that plays also a big role attracting the attention of people.